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The LJ community for Canadian fans of Supernatural

Welcome to the LJ community for Canadian fans of the CW/CITY-TV show Supernatural.

We encourage all our members to post their artwork, fanfic links, information/news items about the show and its actors, and to promote their communities, get-togethers and conventions, and their episode reviews and thoughts.

Community Rules:
No flaming of anyone for any reason whatsoever. It's fine to disagree politely and with respect, but the calling of names or casting of aspersions is simply not allowed. Anyone caught doing so will be banned from the community without warning. We're Canadian, folks - polite is our middle name, remember?

Spoilers are allowed, as long as they are CLEARLY marked in the subject line and are put behind an lj-cut. Please be specific about the type of spoiler they are as well. Anyone caught posting actual spoilers in subject lines or in the bodies of posts and not behind lj-cuts will be warned once; if it's done again, the person will have their posting privileges taken away until they learn to play nicer. If they do it again after posting privileges are re-instated they will be banned. And perhaps made to eat an inordinate amount of maple sugar candy.

Posting of artwork it allowed, but please be kind to people. A teaser of three icons is acceptable, the posting of 20 is not; please put anything more than three icons behind an lj-cut. One thumbnail of a banner or wallpaper is fine, the full image of either is not; lj-cut is your friend.

Photo manips are allowed, but MUST be behind an lj-cut, be CLEARLY marked as to their content and marked as NSFW if it applies. If your manip involves Dean and Sam in any sort of compromising position of any kind, it must be marked as so; if it is not and we get a complaint, the post will be removed.

The posting of fanfic - drabbles, short stories or full stories - is not allowed, but links to such are. Please CLEARLY mark your story for rating and content (Wincest/slash, het, gen, Wee!, etc.). If we get a complaint that your story was not marked correctly - ie. it was Wincest but wasn't marked so - we will remove your post.

Episode reviews are encourage, but must be behind an lj-cut. This has as much to do with the time difference between Newfoundland and BC, but also to keep things short for people's viewing pleasure.

Speculation of any of the actors' or crews' personal lives IS NOT ALLOWED.. We can't stress this enough. What they do on their own time is not our business. Photos of them at a convention are fine; posting about the people they may have had with them is not. Photos of them at other personal appearances or filming are fine; photos of them shopping or having dinner, etc., are not. Treat them as you wish to be treated!

Please use this post to introduce yourself!

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Always looking for more affiliates; please drop rockgoddes a line if you're interested at rockgoddes@livejournal.com!

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