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Canadian Supernatural Fans
SPN fandom from the Canadian point of view
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2nd-Oct-2007 01:05 am - HELP!!!
no shit
Australian in Montreal here and I have NO idea what channel if any, Supernatural would be aired IN ENGLISH on thursday night....any suggestions? I don't even have a goddamn television here but I may be able to hijack a friends tv. I'M GETTING RATHER DESPERATE!!!!!!!
Trews in QC - taken by Nancy Desrosiers
So, which station(s) do you watch the show on? What night and time? I'd like to make this as comprehensive a list as possible so we can keep up to date on where things are...
23rd-Jul-2007 09:05 pm - Introduce yourself!
Trews in QC - taken by Nancy Desrosiers
Hey! Welcome! Thanks for joining!

Let's start by introducing ourselves, whaddya say?

Please use this post for all introductions...
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